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v_dialogues's Journal

The Vagina dialogues
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This is a safe space for the cast of the Vagina Dialogues to share thoughts and ideas. Membership in this community is limited to the cast members of WWU's Vagina Dialogues. If you're not in the cast, but are looking for a space to talk about vaginas and women-related issues, vaginapagina has a huge list of relevant communities that might interest you.

~*~Cast Members~*~
To join this community, click the "join community" link above. Because membership in this community is restricted to the dialogue cast, the link won't immediately add you to the community. Instead, your username will be e-mailed to me, and I'll add you manually. This way we can make sure that only dialogue members are reading our posts. Since I don't know any of your livejournal names, please e-mail me at ghostbuster_girl@hotmail.com with your username. That way, I can make sure that I'm only letting cast members into the community.